View from the temple at Pancheshwar

The ultimate purpose behind our work at The Himalayan Outback is to expose visitors to the natural and cultural treasures found only in India’s Himalayas.

We strive to reconnect people to the stunning environment, the amazing flora, fauna, aquatic life, and inspiring communities that have inhabited this precious land for centuries.

By reconnecting to wild, untouched, and natural India, we hope to raise environmental awareness, assist in developing a deeper respect for the local cultures, and contribute to conservation efforts to protect the ancient lifestyles and ecosystems of this sacred region.

Misty with the baba at Pancheshwar in Northern India

Himalayan Outback and Conservation:

We often serve as facilitators of conservation efforts against poaching in areas where we work.

By creating a space for community members to share their ideas, we work together to find other ways to facilitate economic development that still preserves the indigenous lifestyle and surrounding ecosystem.

Supporting Local Economic Development:

To contribute to the economic development of these precious areas, we support local employment; hence most of our staff comes from the Himalayan regions in which we operate.

Visiting Local Temples



India Angling Guidelines:

To ensure the longevity of the beautiful aquatic life that inhabit India’s Himalayas, we maintain strict angling guidelines.

All of our angling adventures require permits that benefit local communities and follow a strict catch-and-release guideline. We believe strongly in making every effort to preserve the fragile ecosystem that creates the magic found in the Himalayas.

India Environmental Guidelines:

All of our Himalayan Outback camps and lodges follow strict environmental guidelines.

Our policies are based on a high regard for the environment, and we request our guests to adhere to environmental practices to help keep the fragile habitat clean and unspoiled.

The Western Ramganga River Lodge:

 We have chosen to set up our lodge less than 1 km from the nearest road in order for us to offer guests a truly serene and private location. (As a result a mild walk is required to reach our lodge.)

The Western Ramganga River Lodge strives for minimal impact. We like to provide our guests with the genuine opportunity to unplug, hence we have chosen not to have any electricity. All lighting at the lodge is LED and lantern.

Our lodge is overlooking a rich part of the reserve and our guidelines are designed for keeping the surrounding habitat pristine and intact.

In accordance with our vision, we do not permit any battery operated loud music. You hence stand a chance of seeing wildlife from the lodge and you are guaranteed to see several species of resident & migratory birds.