Multi Activity Holidays in India’s Himalayan Outback.

7-Day Multi Activity Holiday in India’s Himalayan Outback. While Kumaon Himalayan vistas have inspired generations. Its forest are also home to some of India’s finest wildlife. In addition its also just an hour’s flight form New Delhi.

Activity holidays in India's Himalayan outback

7-Day Multi Activity Holiday

New Delhi's India Gate.

Day 1: Arrive to Meet Our Rep at New Delhi Airport.

While New Delhi is the start and end point of your multi activity holiday. You’ll be pleased to know; both groups and also single-travellers are met upon arrival. In addition, we make sure our travellers are accompanied during ALL ground travel.

The Roseate House, New Delhi.

Our room at the Roseate House New Delhi

Our favourite Multi Activity Holiday in Kumaon

Day 2: Fly to Kumaon.

While breakfast is included in your package. The Roseate House concierge also assists our travellers with a short transfer to the airport.

Since the flight to Pantnagar only an hour. Seems like one can make it to Nainital by late lunch assuming the flight is on time.

Short Hikes & Birdwatching.

Enjoying short hikign and birdwatching this evening

While there are a number of hiking trails in the area. They also vary in intensity. In addition, evenings are probably one of the best times to spot wildlife and birdwatch. Find yourself in the company of your guide Pritam Singh’s seasoned spotting skills.

Pritam Singh guides our Multi Activity Adventures.

Abbotsford Nainital

Offbeat, ideally set, personable but also, owner-run. Certainly one of the best places to stay in Nainital.

Home away form home.

Adventure Travel Holiday in India Offbeat Places.
Your private river-front cottage

Day 3: Western Ramganga River Retreat

      Since mornings are the best time to see the Himalayan vistas of Kumaon. Seems like an early start and picnic breakfast best fits the order the day. Likewise, mornings are also a good time for birdwatching.

Early Morning Himalayan VistasHimalayan vistas during from Nainital.

Since mornings are the best time for witnessing Kumoan’s spectacular Himalayan visits. Seems like an early start and a picnic breakfast is the order of the morning. In addition, mornings are some of the best times to enjoy the regions diverse birdlife.

Finally, follow your guide Pritam Singh on a short hike for even better views, birdwatching and possibly some mammal sightings.

Birdwatching and hiking in Kumaon.

The Western Ramganga River Retreat.

We’re sensitive about the fact that we’re only miles from critical tiger habitat. A small single-phase connection powers some appliances in the kitchen as well as a charging point. Besides that our guests areas are completely off the grid. Lighting in the evenings is done with LED lights within the cottages and lanterns that light the paths and dining area.

Arrive to a warm welcome and your river front cottage.

A great adventure travel break in Kumaon
Our ideally set lodge accross from Corbett Park

Day 4: Unwind

Open view sitting areas, thatched cottages, but above all a spectacular spot to spend a day. While this multi activity holiday offers fishing, swimming, birdwatching walks and short hikes. One is also welcome to just relax and unwind.

Consequently, the wildlife sightings from the lodge are also excellent. During certain times of the year you could check-off a significant mammal as well as bird list from the lodge itself. You’ll wake up to the alarm calls of deer (Sambar, Cheetal and even Barking Deer) as well as peacocks.

So many wildlife photographic opportunities, both in and around camp. Photographs recording truly delightful memories of a truly fantastic experience in a truly unique camp making peace with nature. Too good to be left only for the Mahseer fishers LOL! And I’ll save the story of my magical,  first morning,  first light sighting of a tiger walking on the opposite shore …” Doreen Bakstad, Canada

The Western Ramganga River Retreat

Chilling after a days adventure

Himalayan retreat in India
Safariing in Jim Corbett Park

Day 5: Jim Corbett Park

As mornings are one of the best times to see wildlife. Seems like an early start and picnic breakfast is the order of morning safari mornings.

Morning Safari

Safari through Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve

Enjoy a short Hike with your guide in the afternoon.

Mountain retreats in Uttarakhand India

The Western Ramganga River Retreat

Forktail fortress with the best view

Adventure Travel Holidays in India

Day 6: Feel Inspired

Finally, say goodbye to your hosts after breakfast. The drive to the airport takes almost 3 hours.

The Roseate House, New Delhi.

Our room at the Roseate House New Delhi

Himalayan retreat in India

Multi Activity Holiday Details

Activity holidays in India's Himalayan outback

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