Get your calendar out and start planning your dream vacation …fishing for the Golden Mahseer in the pristine & fast flowing Himalayan rivers.

“There he stood, the Mahseer of the Poonch, beside whom the Tarpon is a Herring and he who catches him can say he is a fisherman” – Runyard Kipling’s description of the mighty Mahseer.

Do you accept the challenge of the Mahseer? Is this “experience of a lifetime” on your bucket list?

The fast flowing waters of the India’s Himalayan rivers provide an unparalleled arena where the adventurous angler can try to match his skills against the mighty Golden Mahseer!

The rush of adrenaline that you will experience as this spirited fish rips down stream – the initial run is very much like an aggressive saltwater fish, ripping the line from your hand at a breakneck speed. This incredible run is complemented by a swift river; a boulder strewn river; and the picturesque setting of the Himalayas – an unforgettable experience!

Our guides know these waters and the habits of the elusive Mahseer like the back of their hands.

Treat yourself to our world class service and enjoy an “adventure of a lifetime” with The Himalayan Outback – one of the world’s top fishing destinations!



The confluence of the Saryu & Mahakali Rivers is considered the Mecca of Mahseer fishing in North India. This is where The Himalayan Outback has based its fishing camp for well over a decade – come and match your skills with the “tiger of the freshwater.

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The ultimate fishing trip – a float trip down the Mahakali River in search of the elusive and hard fighting Mahseer. The Mahakali River forms the border between India and Nepal, as it makes its way down to the Himalayan foothills.



The Goonch, a catfish, found India’s Western Ramganga River – known to grow over200 lbs! It has been rumoured to have attacked humans on numerous occasions! Join The Himalayan Outback on the the quest for the pre-historic looking Goonch!