Mahseer Fishing Packages in India:

Runyard Kipling famously wrote about this stunningly beautiful legendry fish – “besides whom, the tarpon is but a herring”! Reaching weights in excess of 100 lbs is an awe-inspiring fish. The Mahseer is highly regarded for its fighting abilities – using the fast flowing waters of the Himalayan Rivers even a 15 lb Mahseer can put up a fight that is not for the faint hearted. The British (during their stay in India) and the Indian Royalty popularized fishing for the species, and for some it became a rite of passage akin to killing a tiger! Stout tackle was the order of the day and often that too did not measure up to the power and brute force exerted by the Mahseer. If you are looking for a fishing adventure then there are few others that measure up to the Golden Mahseer of the Indian Himalayan Rivers!

Since 2004 The Himalayan Outback has been focusing on Fly Fishing trips for the Mahseer and offers the best Mahseer Fishing Packages, continuously searching for newer and better locations.

Folden Mahseer Fish

Mahseer Fishing - Saryu River

Season:April 15 to June 10 AND Sept. 20 to Oct. 30
Region:Kumaon, Uttarakhand – Saryu River
Duration:10 Days
Capacity:6 guests

Mahseer Fishing - Dibang River, Arunachal

Season:March 10 to April 20 AND Nov. 10 to Dec. 31
Region:Arunachal, North Eastern India
Duration:10 Days
Capacity:4 guests

Base Camp Trekking

Mahseer Fishing Float Trip - Saryu & Mahakali Rivers

Season:April 15 to March 10 AND Oct. 10 to Nov. 5
Region:Uttarakhand, North India – Saryu & Mahakali Rivers
Duration:12 Days
Capacity:6 guests

Fishing In India

Goonch (Catfish) Fishing Trip - Western Ramganga River

Season:May 1 to June 10
Region:Uttarakhand, North India – Western Ramganga River
Duration:10 Days
Capacity:4 guests