Mahseer Fishing Holiday in Arunachal Pradesh, India

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In our latest Mahseer fishing trip offering. We’re doing to a trip to Arunahcal Pradesh. India’s unexplored fishing frontier.

Wedged up against Bhutan, China, and Myanmar (Burma); this remote region has left a mark in India’s history. During World War 2, the famous Stilwell Road was used to supply allied forces in order to stop the advancing Japanese army. Later, a border dispute between China & India also led to a bloody confrontation in 1962.

In recent years, the Indian Government has eased travel restrictions and opened this remote & pristine region to tourists, both domestic and foreign.

The mighty Brahmaputra River snakes its way into India’s Arunachal Pradesh from the north. A large part of the Brahmaputra’s journey in this region is spent uniting a complex maze of rich watersheds.

Here lie some of the few remaining unexplored frontiers of the elusive Mahseer which now beckon the adventurous angler. We’re talking an area more than twice the size of Bhutan that has remained cut-off from the modernization that has forever scarred remote pristine areas all over the world.

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Fishing Trip Departures for 2018-19.

Fishing Map Kolkata_Arunachal Pradesh

The Himalayan Outback now offers our signature Mahseer fly fishing trips to Arunachal, providing unexplored waters for the beautiful Mahseer, coupled with the opportunity to visit some remote tribal villages which have kept their ancient traditions alive.

As a result of our sustained efforts we have been able to identify some excellent sections of various rivers that include sight-fishing for large Mahseer. We’ve narrowed down this 10-day fly fishing adventure on the Dibang River.

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Map of North Eastern India

Region: Arunachal Pradesh, India


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Day by Day

You will be met upon arrival and chauffeured to a hotel close to the airport.

Accommodation: Hyatt Hotel (check in time: 12 noon)

Meals: No meals included on this day.

Board your flight to Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh shortly after breakfast. This flight takes a little over 3 hours; landing briefly at Gauhati airport before arriving at Pasighat before lunch.

You will be met upon arrival and chauffeured to the River Lodge that is situated just outside Pasighat. Enjoy some afternoon fishing at confluence (a 30 minute drive from the River Lodge) of the Yamne – Siang Rivers.

Please note: In case the flight to Pasighat is cancelled (as it sometimes happens) you will fly to Dibrugarh and transferred to the River Lodge at Pasighat by car (a drive of 4 ½ hours). In this case the afternoon session of fishing will not be possible. At present, the flight to Pasighat operates only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Accommodation: River Lodge, Pasighat

Meals: All meals are included on this day.

After an early breakfast we will drive (1 ½ hours from the River Lodge) to the Siyang River. This is part of the Brahmaputra drainage flowing through India’s Arunachal Pradesh.

Spend two full days fishing the lower section of the Siyang River, fishing for both Golden Mahseer, as well as Chocolate Mahseer.

Accommodation: The Himalayan Outback Camp, Siyang River

Meals: All meals are included on both days.

After an early breakfast you will drive (2 hours) to the upper Dibang River, this is one of the most prolific and untouched valleys.  Along the river, amidst beautiful surroundings, you will be camping for the next few days.

Enjoy a full day of fishing.

This area is inhabited by the Idu Mishmi tribe, who are a legendary tribe of bridge builders. Their amazing creations can be seen all over this region where these bridges are still used for crossing the rivers.

After lunch you will drive up to our camp on the upper Dibang River.

Accommodation:  TheHimalayan Outback River Camp, Upper Dibang

Meals: All meals are included on this day.

The upper stretches of the Dibang River are known to offer some of the best sight fishing for Mahseer. This section of river has abundant Golden Mahseer and also Chocolate Mahseer.

Two days of fishing.

Accommodation: The Himalayan Outback River Camp, Upper Dibang

Meals: All meals are included on these two days.

After an early breakfast you will drive to the confluence of the Yamne – Siang Rivers for a full day of fishing or, depending on conditions, we fish all morning on the upper Dibang River and leave after lunch.

You will drive (2 hours) to the village of the Adi Padam tribe where you will interact with the villagers and witness some of their tribal dances performed in their colorful tribal dress. Enjoy an evening around the bonfire in this village. After dinner, with the village folk, you will drive (30 mins)  back to the River Lodge

Accommodation: River Lodge, Pasighat

Meals: All meals are included on this day.

Board your flight to Kolkata. You will be met upon arrival and chauffeured to your hotel.

You can either connect to your international flight later this evening or stay the night in Kolkata and depart next morning.

Please note: In case the flight from Pasighat is cancelled (as it sometimes happens) you will drive (4 ½ hours) to Dibrugarh and take the flight to Kolkata.

Accommodation: Hyatt Hotel, Kolkata.

Meals: Only breakfast is included on this day.

You will be chauffeured to the airport by concierge of the Hyatt Hotel (check out time is 12 noon).

Meals: Only breakfast on this day is included.

Activity Level: Moderate

There's nothing like ending the day around a fire.

November & December are good months to visit India. This is the idyllic time of year when BOTH catching a beautiful Mahseer AND being blessed with a wild Bengal Tiger sighting are possible!

Everything is done with the classic THO signature standard that includes the best guides, the most precious locations in India, and superb attention to detail service. We set up the dream trip, all you have to do is hop on board and enjoy the ride!