Rajasthan Tour Package Fusioned with India’s Classic Golden Triangle Mix.

Rajasthan Map of India

Intricate carvings, miniature paintings, handmade gemstone jewelry, fine textiles in addition to the finest block printing workmanship. Majestic palaces, grandeur, style, luxury while also seeing tigers and leopards in two of India’s best wildlife hotspots. 

But most of all, this journey is guided by an exceptional man. The charismatic, Thankur Durga Singh finds you some of Rajasthan’s iconic sights during this 12-day Rajasthan tour.  

Journey to perfection.

As much as it is easy getting lost in Rajasthan’s colour and glamour. We find it’s equally easy getting consumed by it’s way of life that brings together unique crafts, diverse cultures and art in it’s many forms.

Rajasthan is a place that is quite easy to fall in love with.

In addition, it is also home to some of India’s finest wildlife. While Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is probably one of the best places to see tigers in the wild. Seems like Jawai is one of the best places to see leopards in the wild in India.

Here’s a quick snap-shot.

Day 1: Arrive

Fly to India’s historic capital, New Delhi (IGI). New Delhi embodies significant history from the eras of India’s mighty empires.

Get the warmest Welcome at New Delhi International Airport.

Day’s Highlights

  • Meet & Greet in New Delhi International Airport (IGI).

  • Optional Half Day City Tour Included.

  • Accommodation: The Imperial, New Delhi (5 Star)

Day 2: Ritualistic

The riches India’s mighty Mughal empire carved its place in history with an incredible architectural masterpiece.

A great start to our India travel adventure.

Day’s Highlights

  • While an early start fits the order of the day, consequently boarding a short first-class train with your guide to Agra.

  • Finally, trace the history of the famed Mughal emperor Shah Jahan with a visit to his tomb.

  • Accommodation: The Trident Hotel, Agra

Day 3: Iconic

Seems like the short, glorious past of this architectural masterpiece was a turning point in Indian history.

Viewing the chambers of the Taj Mahal.

Day’s Highlights

  • Make the most of the early hours by visiting India’s Iconic Taj Mahal at first light.

  • Visit the sandstone monument of Fatehpur Sikri also on route to Rajasthan’s capital city Jaipur.

  • Accommodation: Dera Mandawa, Jaipur.

Chhatra Sagar is a great place.

Day 4: Wild

A few hours away, the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve where relics of an ancient empire make the ideal setting for seeing tigers in the wild.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, one of the best places to see tigers.


  • Ranthambore Tiger Reserve sits surrounding a chain of lakes. It is because of this permanent water, wildlife flourishes here. Besides being critical tiger habitat, Ranthambore also has a long history of human inhabitation since the 11th century.

  • Safari a full day in some of the park’s most prolific wildlife hot spots.

  • Finally, stay in the family home of one of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve’s leading wildlife experts, Balendu Singh.

Day 6: Classic

Jaipur embodies a unique sense of opulence and a rich heritage. It is a city steeped deep in culture, spender, magnificence, legend, and luxury.

picture of the hawa mahal in


  • Begin your day with a delicious breakfast set in the courtyard of your historic heritage hotel hosted by Thakur Durga Singh.

  • A few miles from the city centre lies the Amber fort, a relic of the late 16th century. It is an ornate and a breathtaking architectural masterpiece that sits on the edge of the Maota Lake.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Dera Mandawa

Day 8: Rural

The legendary Thakur Chhatra Singh of Nimaj envisioned a dream of damming a steam in the remote desert kingdom of Malwar.

The classic overnight stopover


  • As a result, in 1890 creating a paradise for the farmers who named the lake in memory of him. Consequently, this prolific heaven is complimented with the most ideally set luxury camp.

  • While these prolific wetlands attract flocks of birds. In addition, the camp itself is a great place to unwind.

  • Accommodation: Chhatra Sagar, Luxury Tented Camp.

A great spot to end the day in Jawai

Day 9: OffBeat

India’s iconic leopard habitat. Home of the Rabari herdsmen who have shared this land with the leopards of Jawai for centuries.

The best place for leopard safaris in India.


  • In addition to staying true to goals for sustainability and conservation without compromising comfort. Jawai also features nine luxurious tents including a royal suite.

  • While safaris can be done at leisure. Seems like they are often complemented with an elegantly set picnic overlooking the grand expanse of the Jawai lake making for an unforgettable experience.

  • Accommodation: Sujan, Jawai.

Day 11: Luxury

Set on top of a hill in Rajasthan’s Aravali Range. Devigarh Palace overlooks a dramatic panorama and the village of Delwara.


  • Devigarh offers visitors 39 unique suites to vacation in, each offering an experience unmatched by any other hotel in Udaipur.

  • This palace-fortress, as it can be seen today, tells the tale its golden era. While Devigarh’s is transformed into a unique luxury travel destinations it offers its visitors a blend of new-world comforts and old-world charm.

Day 12: Udaipur

In addition to being the city of lakes, Udaipur also affirms itself through India’s richest cultural heritage. 

The city of lakes Udaipur is an amazing city.


  • Generations of history? Check! Beautiful Palaces? Check!

  • While your 12-day Rajasthan Tour Package ends in New Delhi. A short connecting flight from Udaipur in addition to a night in New Delhi before your departure home is the suggested order of this travel adventure.

  • Accommodation: The Roseate House, New Delhi (5 Star)

Thakur Durga Singh is an Amazing Guide.

Meet Your Guide.

Seems like the makings of Thakur Durga Singh come with over 3 decades guiding journeys in India’s largest and perhaps most culturally rich state, Rajasthan.  

In addition to guiding select journey, he also manages his family homestay, Dera Mandawa.

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