Snow Leopard Trek in India’s Himalayan Outback.

  • Active Escapes in India's Himalayan Outback.
  • Snow Leopard Holiday in Ulley
  • Snow Leopard safari sighting.
  • Ibex spotted during snow leopard trek
  • Snow Leopard Trek with possible griffin sightings
  • A Tibetan wolf sighting in Ulley.
  • A snow leopard sighting in Ulley, Ladakh, India
  • Viewing Snow Leopards during a day's hiking adventure.
  • Buddist Mask Festival. Liker Monastery, Liker, Ladakh, India. February.

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Windows into Inspiring Travel with Wildlife Safari Travel Guide Ritish Suri



While guides are the most significant part of your trip. They also amplify your vision beyond the ordinary. Things you wouldn’t normally do. Places you wouldn’t normally visit. Wildlife you never imagined. But most of all, creating spontaneous, instinctual moments during your holiday. Journeys that shape us. 
Nobru the head tracker during a rece in Ulley Ladakh



Tchewang Norbu is the very heart of your snow leopard adventure. While sharing his favourite snow leopard watching spots. But above all, his local connections and also insights into Snow Leopard Conservancy’s ground breaking conservation efforts in Ulley. His home is also formally known as the Snow Leopard Lodge.

A land of the high-passes, Ladakh; India’s Snow Leopard trek heaven. Seems like one of the best, most diverse wildlife tours and sightings during a snow leopard trek. So why is that? 

Until quite recently, sightings during such Snow Leopard treks were fairly rare. A privilege enjoyed by only a select few. Trekkers willing to test their physical endurance to undertake a strenuous snow leopard trek. Braving both altitude and also biting cold in search of the elusive snow leopard. 

However, recent community initiated conservation efforts with the help of the Snow Leopard Conservancy have had major successes in Ladakh. As they’ve created new corridors for snow leopard holidays and winter treks. As a result, involving both local stakeholders and wildlife travel specialists. 

While these efforts have led to a strong foundation of eco-tourism. They have also been successful in safeguarding other endangered wildlife like Ibex, Tibetan wolf and also many other bio-indicator species.

Consequently, wildlife safari travel pioneers, Hashim Tyabji and Surya Ramachandran teamed up with India’s Snow Leopard Conservancy tracker, Tchewang Norbu. Converting his homestay into what is now formally know’s as, The Snow Leopard Lodge.

Mindful, well-equipped in addition to being quite offbeat and exclusive. While each day on this Snow Leopard holiday begins and ends with the company of your seasoned host Ritish Suri. Seems like this snow leopard holiday is best-graded moderate in terms of activity.

Much of the lodge also enjoys a generous power supply in addition to a power back-up. Finally, there is good attention to detail on all aspects of the accommodation (given the remoteness).

Welcome to Ladakh’s BEST Snow Leopard holiday and popular winter trek in this prolific region. 

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STARTS: Sunday, February 24th, 2019

  • Per Person, Sharing

ENDS: Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

  • Fly to New Delhi
  • Airport: New Delhi (IGI).

  • We make sure ALL our travelers. Arriving individually or as are group are met upon clearing customs in New Delhi airport. 

  • Region: Ladakh, Northern India.



Leh to Ulley drive during Snow Leopard trek India
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