Snow Leopard Watching in India’s Himalayan Outback.

  • A Tibetan wolf sighting in Ulley.
  • Snow Leopard safari sighting.
  • Ladakh's best wildlife safari adventure is based in Ulley Ladakh.
  • A snow leopard making his way through thick snow in India
  • An Ibex spotted while hiking in Ulley India

India is one of the BEST upcoming safari destinations on the planet. India’s northern region of Ladakh translates to The Land of High Passes. Ladakh is also among THE BEST places in the world for snow leopard watching. But besides Snow Leopard watching, it also a great destination for sighting other rare high altitude wildlife.

For close to a decade passionate wildlife safari pioneer Hashim Tyabji has been in search for the PERFECT snow leopard watching program. Here’s what he found.

Ulley, Ladakh – set at 13,000 ft. Possibly one of the newest places of watching snow leopards and also diverse high-altitude fauna of India. Besides watching snow leopards; sightings here may also include watching the illusive wildlife like Ibex, Red Fox, as well as the illusive Tibetan Wolf.

As our 11-day Snow Leopard watching program begins and ends in New Delhi. It is also guided by one of India’s best wildlife safari pioneer Ritish Suri and also an expert local tracker, Tchewang Norbu. A native of Ulley. Tchewang Norbu also shares his family homestay for this adventure. It is formally known as The Snow Leopard Lodge.

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Snow Leopard Trek in India's Himalayan Outback

As wildlife viewing is also available almost year round. Yet more custom travel and special interest trip are available from November through September.

Much as the best time for a Snow Leopard safari is from November to May. Yet sightings are also possible at another time of the year. And while Tibetan wolf can be seen year round. Seems like their denning time is from April to July. Also, the Himalayan fox can be seen all year. Golden Eagles and also Lammergeiers may be seen year round. Especially relevant during their courtship displays during the month of March. Most of all the best Ibex sightings happen from November to June with probably a few during other times of the year as well. Nayans can be seen year round and Marmots from May to October.

The wildflower bloom consequently has a much shorter window lasting only from end May to early June. Accessed on foot, seems like one of the best times of the year from a purely scenic viewpoint. Finally, birdwatching is also available year round.

Day by Day Itinerary

While the Snow Leopard Lodge was also originally a home-stay started by Tchewang Norbu, also a native patron of The Snow Leopard Conservancy. In addition, he is also one of the best trackers in the business. Therefore encouraging local participation because of ecotourism in this remote part of India. As a result of the great work, the Snow Leopard Conservancy has done in Ladakh. 

Since Ulley is set at 13,000 ft. therefore acclimatisation a must. We’ve also, included with a short tour of the historic city of Leh. While also staying at the luxurious Grand Dragon. Consequently, the diving time to Ulley is a little over 3 hours, at most. We find it is rather easy to get carried away in admiration of the scenery much as the culture. Most of all there is a chance of seeing wildlife as you finally drive into Ulley.