Things To Do In India.

The Offbeat Golden Triangle.

The best shoes on the block.
  • #1 First of all witness The Taj Mahal at First Light. India’s architectural jewel and iconic symbol. Just 2-Hours by Train From New Delhi.

  • #2 Another great place to visit is Rajasthan’s ancient capital. The Pink City of Jaipur. Home to India’s most majestic palaces, intricate jewelry, grandeur and style. Rajasthan symbolizes Indian glamour with a unique sense of opulence representing some of India’s finest cultural heritage.

  • #3 Lastly, Safari to See India’s Iconic Symbol of Wildlife; The Bengal Tiger. IN THE WILD. India’s Crown Jewel of Tiger Habitat. Just 3 hours from Jaipur. Set among a series of lakes, relics and historic fortresses.  Worth a visit!

Map of the Golden Triangle.


In addition to advising insightful and sometimes finicky, special interest travelers for possible tour extensions in India. Because of Rajasthan’s way of life, history, legend, style and it’s unique sense of opulence; I find myself suggesting an iconic mix of India’s BEST Cultural & Natural heritage. Consequently known as India’s Golden Triangle. Weaved together with our seasoned travel and personal connections.

Day 1: 2 Hr. Train Journey From Delhi to Agra.

Meet & Greet & escorted train transfers in India.
One of the best swimming pools is at the Imperial, New Delhi

It’s probably best staying close to the New Delhi Train Station in South Delhi the night before.

Because it’s a busy part of town, there are many hotels to choose from. Over the years, The Imperial Hotel has made it to our top recommendations while staying in this part of town. It only 5-miles from the train station. Escorting guides negotiates careful baggage handling in the not so straight-forward New Delhi Train Station. Be aware there are a few train stations in New Delhi.

8 am: The most convenient train connection (The Gatiman Express) has you in Agra in just a little over 2 hours.


A great start to our India travel adventure.

#1 The tomb of Akbar; a famed Mughal emperor.

#2 This is followed by a walk through Agra Fort, where you’ll learn about the Pearl Mosque and glass palace of Shish Mahal.

#3 A trip up to Mehrab bagh gardens, a 30-minute drive from Agra to view the Taj Mahal from across the Yammuna River is also highly recommended.

Day 2: See the Taj Mahal at First Light & Journey to Jaipur.

Quite a sight.

Day 2 | I do recommend seeing the Taj at first light. All days of the week except Fridays. 

Seems like the short-lived glorious past of this architectural masterpiece was a turning point in Indian history. It’s creator, Shah Jahan, ruler of India’s mighty Mughal empire gave India the iconic symbol of the Taj. A tribute to his queen, the beautiful Mumtaz Mahal; the chosen one, who’s final resting place is within the magnificent chambers of the worlds most beautiful building. Worth a visit.

The Taj at First light is worth the visit in itself.

Driving on these roads is NO joke. Glad I’m not the one driving.

The good news about an established routes is seasoned drivers. People who understand the pulse of their travelers.

The bad news of established shopping routes is Shopping Traps. Emporiums showcasing indigenous art forms. Magnificently showcased while craftsmen demonstrate.

Wait, these people don’t even look like they like their job. It’s pretentious. You’ll be quick to pick up that energy. It’s nothing like getting the real experience. Purchases that lakh connection. I’d rather recommend sticking to the most genuine chains like Anokhi, Fab India, Jaipur has an upcoming tend of genuine shopping places. Or just the guy around the corner of the street who I connect to.

Just don’t waste my precious holiday time. Detouring to meet shopping agendas. Best establish in the starting of the trip I advise to your guide and driver. Tip generously. It’s worth it. 

And the moment you tell your guide and driver that. Their brain will wire and fire in a different direction. Sharing more off-beat connections. And that’s when the magic happens.

Guys riding the back of a truck in India.
Things to do in India. Overwhelming topic.
A Journey in it self.


The best inlay work.

#1 The majestic buildings of Fatehpur Sikri, a fusion of Mughal and Persian architecture.

#2 A guided Rikshaw-ride in the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

#3 Spend a night at the Chambal Safari Lodge


A warm welcome at Dera Mandawa in Jaipur. #1 Dera Mandawa, Jaipur

#2 47 Jobgner Bagh

#3 28 Kothi

Day 2: Taj at first Light & Journeying to Jaipur.

rather nice inlay work in jaipur
picture of the hawa mahal in
Block printing in Jaipur.

Jaipur is a city steeped deep in culture, spender, magnificence, legend, and luxury. From its intricate jewelry, majestic palaces, grandeur, style, symbolizing glamour and offering an incredible sense of opulence that is embedded in its rich heritage.

Begin your day with a delicious breakfast set in the courtyard of your historic heritage hotel hosted by Thakur Durga Singh, the current owner of DeraMandawa who is a keen observer of the history and culture of Rajasthan as well as it’s current affairs.

Follow your knowledgeable guide to the Astronomical Observatory called Jantar Mantar & Museum of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh followed by a visit to the City Palace and the impressive “palace of breeze” Hawa Mahal. It was built in 1799 as an extension to the royal City Palace of Jaipur. Hawa Mahal allowed ladies of the royal family to watch processions and activities on the streets of the city without being seen by the public. This Afternoon: Enjoy a back-tour of the crowded and colourful streets of Jaipur meeting some of it’s increadible craftsmen. Jaipur is one of the largest gem stone cutting and polishing centres in the world who’s skilled craftsmen are capable of creating some of the most spectacular and expensive jewellery available. Jaipur also happens to be one of the greatest centres of stone carvings as well as block printing. Return to DeraMandawa in time for a refreshing beverage. Latter, you’ll be invited for a lesson in Indian cooking organised by your gracious hosts at DeraMandawa. This is followed by a delicious dinner. Accommodation: Hotel DeraMandawa, Jaipur

The Lawns at Rajmahal Palace at Jaipur.

Day 3: Jaipur

Rajmahal Palace GRAND entry upon arrival.
Things to do in India. Overwhelming topic.

Day 4: Jaipur – Ranthambore

Things to do in India. Overwhelming topic.

Advising Finicky Special Interest Traveler. Coming up with this questions every season. Here;s a list of my favoute connections and places to visit. our special interest travelers. What are best Things to Do in India? It’s a question I come up a few time every season.

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Specialising in Offbeat Holidays in The Himalayan Outback. What are BEST things to do in India? It’s a question it come up. Mickey, Durga Singh, Kriti, Raj Mahal, Ranthambore. Balendu Singh.

Day 4 | A few miles from the city centre lies the Amber fort, a relic of the late 16th century. It is an ornate and a breathtaking architectural masterpiece that sits on the edge of the Maota Lake. Enjoy a morning hike to this impressive fort that stands atop a range of craggy hills for a birds-eye-view of the historic city of Jaipur. 

  • Say goodbye to your hosts at DeraMandawa, Jaipur and depart for the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. 

Day 5 | Ranthambore is one of the best national parks in the country for spotting a tiger. In comparison to most national parks it is less densely forested. It is cradled in an area that is just over a 150 square miles in the Aravalli and Vindhya hill ranges. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve sits surrounding a chain of lakes. It is because of this permanent water, wildlife flourishes here. Besides being critical tiger habitat, Ranthambore also has a long history of human inhabitation since the 11th century. Dominating this Tiger Reserve is the historic Ranthambore Fort. Once it was the focal point of a rigous city. Battles raged back and forth over the hills. 

Back at the lodge you’ll meet dedicated tiger conservations and the park’s honorary warden, Balendu Singh. Owner of the Devi Villas, the wildlife safari lodge you will be staying at. 

This combination of forts, cliffs, lakes, flourishing with some of India’s most prime wildlife makes this park very special. 

  • You can spend 1-2 days viewing wildlife as part of either full or half day’s spent within the park.