Tiger Safari Holidays in India.

  • The Tree House Hideaway in Pench Tiger Reserve.

If you’re considering a Tiger Safaris Holiday to India.

You’ve probably learned about some of India’s best national parks. You may also be wondering. What would be the best safari holiday for you? And what should you expect from a safari?

For that reason, our expert naturalists have put together a 10-day tiger safari classic. Consequently, featuring Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Pench tiger reserves in central India.

In addition to prolific sightings. Staying in ideally set, luxury lodging. But above all.

You’ll be guided all throughout by exceptional safari guide, Ritish Suri.

Here’s the full itinerary.

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Safari Holiday | Day By Day

Arrive At New Delhi International Airport (IGI). We make sure EVERY traveler is met upon arrival traveling as an individual or part of a small group.

Get the warmest Welcome at New Delhi International Airport.

You will be chauffeured to the 5-Star, Roseate House, New Delhi. It is located 5 miles from the International Terminal. Meet your guide Ritish Suri learn more about your India safari holiday to 3 amazing National Parks of India.

After a delicious breakfast (included). Enjoy a short 2 Hours Flight to Jabalpur along with your host Ritish. The journey to India’s Tiger Temple The Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve; roughly 4 hours by road from Jabalpur.

Welcome to Central India’s remote and protected wilderness, the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Once the prized hunting grounds of a powerful dynasty who hunted big game from elephant back. Today the ruins of this ancient density’s architectural jewels lie entirely in the territory of the Bengal Tiger as part of India’s Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The King’s Lodge sits on its edge, serving as a home away from home for the next 3 nights. 

Here's a map of our India Safari.Seems like one of the best places to stay in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.

Welcome to the King’s Lodge, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.

Lunch and Dinner are included.

Bird calls and herds of deer make you feel welcomed into India’s Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Make the most of the morning on safari into India’s finest tiger habitat.

Safari Inida's 3 Top national Parks.

Witness one of the most spectacular mammals of all time. There are very few places like this one earth.

They make the most delicious packed breakfast, I swear.

Spend the next two days enjoying morning and afternoon safaris (5 guided safaris are included) making sure you see the parks best sights. The cooks and the guides at the King’s Lodge make sure you don’t lose weight on this safari adventure.

Say goodbye to your gracious hosts after a morning safari. Journey to The Kanha Earth Lodge (6 hours).

Arrive at the Earth Lodge by evening.

Receive a warm welcome at the Earth Lodge (late evening) after an action-packed day’s adventure. Welcome to the Kanha Tiger Reserve.

The inspiring forests of central India cover a significant part of India’s wild habitat. What gives substance to Kanha is the abundant variety of habitat it is host to. Dense bamboo thickets, mixed deciduous forest, and extensive grassland make for great panorama’s scanning for wildlife. Apart from being one of the largest and most stable concentrations of tigers in the wild, Kanha’s zoological jewels also include the Gaur & the Marsh Deer.

Kanha is the largest and most stable concentrations of tigers in the wild

End your days at the Kanha Earth Lodge. All Meals are Include.

Kanha's finest lodge, the Earth Lodge.

Your Safari schedule in Kanha includes 4 morning and afternoon safaris. Wednesday afternoon is spend exploring the forests on the edge of Kanha walking with your naturalists.

After a morning safari departs for the Pench Tiger Reserve (4 hours by road).

The Tree House Hideaway is an ideal Lodge to stay in.

Arrive at the Tree House Hideaway. Quite the ideal lodge.

Because Pench inspired Rudyard Kipling’s enduring classic Jungle Book. It is worth a visit.

The moment we'd all been waiting for.

Enjoy 2 mornings and 2-afternoon safaris on these two days.

A great safari destination.

Depart for Nagpur after a delicious breakfast. Board your flight back to New Delhi and arrive at the Roseate House.

You will be chauffeured to the airport at your convenience.

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