Trout Fishing in India’s Himalayan Outback.

Trout fishing In India's Himalayas

Seems like the roots of trout fly fishing in India take us to fishing in India’s northernmost frontier; Jammu and Kashmir. A region that has consequently inspired the likes of some of India’s finest trout fishing beats. Set in the magical setting of India’s Himalayan outback. 

Since the British rule in India, these trout have made their way into neighbouring Himachal Pradesh. Consequently another picturesque region.

In recent years, the recreational fishing potential of trout fishing in India, in addition to its value as the desirable table fish seems to be winning the hearts of many Indian anglers.

Map of Himachal Pradesh

Misty Dhillon fly fishing for trout in India's Himalayas

While as much as the trout fishing in India. You’ll also catch yourself falling in love with India’s Himalayan outback. It’s people, ancient practices, remote villages as well as a great sense of discovery that compliments such a trip.

You’re probably less likely to find New Zealand like dry fly water in these turbid Himalayan rivers. Hence, most of the fishing is using nymphs and streamers. Seems like that does come with the probability of the odd, but also, really good fish. So why is that?

While fish of these waters that survive the punishing monsoons; put up a great challenge. Hugely rewarding in terms of sizes especially as you get to remoter, undiscovered trout fishing areas by trekking up in the Himalayan highlands.

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While most trout fishing itineraries are custom tailored. It possible to choose from one of our fixed departures. Here are some options for fishing in India.

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