Unique Places

We continuously send our guides to find new and interesting locations to ensure that our trips are truly unique and ensure that you enjoy “the experience of a lifetime”

Amazing Food

With four full time chefs as part of our staff you can be assured of a variety of cuisines served to you in style whether you are camping out in the wilderness or at our Lodge.

Professional Guides

Each trip is enhanced by the fact that our Guides are some of the “best in the business”. Whether it is fishing, wildlife or treks, we have friendly, knowledgeable and professional guides accompanying you at every step.

Exceptional Service

With 15 years of experience behind us, we pride ourselves in the quality of service that we provide to every guest. Our friendly and helpful staff are truly exceptional!


Stuart Barnes, UK

Thanks so much for helping me reach my “pot of gold”. This has been a dream for some years now.

Greg O'Conner

Fabulous camp! Staff top notch setting memorable. Many thanks!

Martin Rahmel, Germany

A dream on earth – both fly fishing and people! More excitement, relaxing, fun and wildness & animals is simply not possible!

Marie DeValensart, Belgium

I just don’t want to leave and definitely want to come back! So many thanks to the lovely staff, it couldn’t have been better! Please give my love to the lovely puppies.

Sanjit Phukan, India

This is one of the best trips of my life for sure! Would like to come back again. The service was superb and the food was to die for. A brilliant setting for a musician like me and someday would like to spend some time here working on a project of mine. This is the closest that I have been to nature after leaving home! Super THANKS to you guys for making all this possible.

Prithvi, Taran & Sumer Gill, India

Brilliant trip! 2-3 fish everyday. Staff looked after U.S. Well. Great food. Brilliant weather. Enjoyed the huts. Even heard a tiger call on the mountain right across camp at breakfast. Will be back for more of the misty experience!! Got to land the big one, the one that got away. Thank you…

Bryan R Austin,USA

This is the “India” I believe in. SAFARI style adventure in linen & comfort with the best staff imaginable. Everything has been thought of and we feel special. Thank you. Thank you.

Bryant Dunn, USA

This was the most exciting fishing trip I have ever experienced! Class act – top to bottom. Can’t wait for next year!.

Aban Bottlewala, India

Having worked in the hospitality industry for the last 10 years, the operation at this lodge is by far one of the best I have ever experienced. The genuineness of the entire team is worth its weight in gold! Great show guys!!

Greg O'Conner

Fabulous experience in spectacular setting. Service was exceptional in every way! Food outstanding and a tremendous amount of preparedness was evident in every aspect of our stay. Kudos to the team. Catching the big one was just the icing on the cake and never would have happened without everyone’s support. Looking forward to the next trip already!

Mike Yardley, UK

This is a very special peaceful place. Peaceful, at least, when the Sambar (deer) are not barking their warning cry for cats – wonderful (except perhaps for them). That we were brought to this Shagri-La by serendipity after a friend had emailed Misty and I found, by accident, in a fishing shop in London, is all the more remarkable. I have stayed in many camps, but this one is both exceptionally positioned and exceptionally well run. And, I caught fish! What more could one ask – very little, save for the BIG ONE that broke the line. Thank you.

The Rt Hon Owain Pickersgill,

Thank you so much for everything – it was truly the experience of a lifetime and … the fish of a lifetime! 42 lbs! Four blank days without a touch certainly paid off – so the challenge is on! Beat my fish and send photos when you do. Love you guys and love the Mahseer.

Carl J Williams, USA

14 of the best days we’ve spent fishing ever! I learned so much about Mahseer fishing, behaviour and habitat. It was a great learning experience. The staff was fabulous, kind, patient and with a sense of humour. Can’t wait to get back to the “Rivers of my Dream”.

Steve Jaques

What a brilliant camp! A beautiful setting and the staff and service were magnificent! Thank you for all your efforts.

Kalyani Sarada, India

UNBELIEVABLE! The most unreal,amazing experience,

Diedier Godfroid

Great experience, excellent fishing on the Saryu River. Big Mahseer. Five star staff, five star fishing guides and an unforgettable 10 day expedition.

Frank Van De Wyer Belgium

What a magnificent 10 days. We had a great time fishing both on the Ramganga and the Saryu rivers. An experience I will never forget.The highlight being – of course my44.5 lbs Golden Mahseer!!
Misty you are the best host in the world and your guides and crew are world class.
Thanks once again, and we will stay in touch!!

John Jane and Harry Howles USA

Everyday was an adventure and we were looked after by the nicest best bunch of staff/ guides possible, who gave 110% at all times.

Paul Steel New Castle UK

The views and location speak for themselves. But the food and the fantastic service from the friendly and helpful staff makes this a truly magical experience- Perfect!!

Peter Smith Australia

To all at HO- A truly unforgettable experience. Every aspect superb down to the last detail. Thank You.

Mark, Nevian, Ollie ,Jack +Jun Goldsack U.K + BHC N. Delhi

To all at HO- A truly unforgettable experience. Every aspect superb down to the last detail. Thank You.

Christer Humle, Stefan Nilsson USA

Fantastic experience to come back to India and The Himalayan Outback,very good food,fantastic nature. Excellent hospitality.Hope to be back.Thanks

Christopher ,David ,Norman Patterson,Jackie Currie. USA

Enjoyed a great celebration of Norman’s 80th. birthday,in one of the most unique places in the world.
Our whole family had an extraordinarily time, each day filled with new and fun experiences,great food, comfort and wonderful care from all of the staff. Truly a memory that will be with us in many ways in the years to come. Thank you.

Tony & Sandy Bateman Canada

What an adventure! 4 days at the Saryu river camp, 2 days at the Ram Ganga lodge , 2 days in the Corbett Tiger Reserve. 4 Mahseer ,plus the big one ,that got away and FOUR TIGERS in the Corbett!! Amazing!Thank You!!
Great staff that took very good care of us.

Francois Michels Belgium

This is my second trip with Himalayan outback ( Saryu + Ramganga) and this was amazing!I had such a great time here away from everything! Great landscapes and perfect service great people, what else do I need?thanks to all of you for making these trips unforgettable!Himalayan Outback camp s clearly my favourite place in India! Looking forward to my third with you!

Patrick & Caroune Ounne. Zimbabwe

Thank you Misty and the amazing Himalayan Outback team,it has been an incredible adventure and a v special way to spend our Honeymoon! Great beauty,great food and lovely friends made.The mighty Mahseer we will be back!

Edward, Sonya ,Toby & Archie Dixa. New Delhi

What a fabulous stay we had . Fishing, fresh air and some great walking,sitting around the fire telling stories,the stuff childhood memories are made of !Thank you to your amazing team who have been so welcoming.See you again.

Andre & Bridget Wessels, S. Africa & Dubai

Life takes on a new meaning when one visits a place as beautiful, isolated,peaceful & exotic as this fishing camp. Thank you all for making it an experience we will remember & cherish forever.The mighty Mahseer won this round, but we lol be back!!

Sara Dunn & Nel Druce UK

This is a place of such majesty and grandeur and at the same time we have been so well and kindly and attentively looked after- a perfect combination. Mahseer, the warrior fish – tigers, flying squirrels, Mongoose, deer and birds, birds, birds. But topped of by the most charming group of hosts. Thank You All!

Jeanette Fitzgerald USA

A treat for the senses , clean sweet air, unbelievable scenery, delicious food, warm sun, cool nights, all details carefully selected and attententive, caring staff. What an oasis !

Mark &Mandy Lucey

What a fantastic 2 weeks!!We have been totally spoiled by the staff.Wonderful scenery & stunning wild life topped by a birthday to remember.Thank you all.

Christopher & Fran Marriott

Just to say we enjoyed ourselves would be a serious understatement-Stunning scenery, fantastic wildlife and above all I don’t think we ve ever been looked after so well. Truly a holiday to cherish in the memory.

Colin & Nicole Church , Kenya

A fabulous stay and wonderful hospitality and care from all your staff.A perfect end to our 2 week Safari in western Ram Ganga.We look forward to seeing you in Kenya very soon. Thank you so ,so much!

Art Friedlander

A great experience in all aspects.The combination of fishing and exposure to Indian culture was unique. The staff from the driver to the camp personnel were simply outstanding ! Sundar and the rest of the staff made things go so smoothly and the cooking was amazing.Bobby( and Sanjay) were totally committed and so very knowledgeable about the waters and the guidance was outstanding.It took a while to get accustomed to the fishing style on the lake but once accomplished the fishing was incredible with unlimited possibilities to fish to stunning pods of fish.Lots of fish caught and a few big ones to hand as well.In addy to some sight fishing to larger fish on the river. A first class operation with excellent fishing.

Doreen Bakstaad

I don’t want to leave . That is how wonderful I am here.
I appreciate the great attention to detail and safety’s.From the wonderful pillows on the bed , to a walking guide who sets a good pace yet is aware of the client at every step, this place, this team – excellent.

Kerri and Geoff Byland

A beautiful place . Every detail of the including the staff s alertness, the beautiful food and of e the fishing was exceptional. Our first time in India and what a fantastic showcase of food, fishing and Indian hospitality culture.Will highly recommend to our family and e. Thank you all for a wonderful experience.

Leah Dence

It is hard to explain how amazing trip has been. Our journey to camp was comfortable and eventful. And once we arrive we were welcomed warmly. I came to catch Mahseer as an amateur fly fisher WOMAN. Bobby was incredibly patient and persistent with me and successfully taught me the double haul!I caught 4 Mahseer and each one felt incredible after hours and hours of practicing my casts. I am so impressed at what a great teacher Bobby is while still being such a young man.
Thank you Bobby Ji!The service is beyond anything we experience back home. G2 took wonderful care of us! And the food was impressively delicious at every meal!Fresh vegetables, herbs and spices, we ate like kings.Ritesh was a great host and we enjoyed every conversation with him.He took me upto TaraGarha to visit the primary school and to explore the village, an experience I’ ll never forget.we a monitor lizard,mole crickets, endless birds and butterflies and we were lucky enough to watch a leopard walk the shoreline one night!This trip is something we will likely discuss for the rest of our lives.the views, the fishing, the wildlife and the people exceeded any expectation I could have had.Now we will enjoy our journey home , luckily hosted by the fun and friendly Pritam and Lakhi.Every single thing has been top notch,the hosts , … The driver, the camp staff, the tent set up. It’s definitely the most glamorous camping I ve ever done!Thank You Himalayan Outback for an experience I ll never forget! I hope to comeback to India soon, it stole my heart.
Thanks again!

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