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Fishing in India

With a coastline of over 4,500 miles and innumerable rivers that crisscross the country the huge variety of fish species available to the avid angler is mind boggling.
GT, Barracuda, Red Snapper, King Seer, Shark, Mullet, Perch, Tuna, Marlin and Sailfish are just some of the species that are available for saltwater water sport fishermen in the deep waters off the Indian coast – the Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands are bases for a number of outfitters who specialize in deep sea fishing.
With its multitude of rivers India has a number of freshwater fish species that attract anglers. Mahseer, Goonch (Catfish), Trout, Freshwater Shark, Murrel (Snakehead) and Carp are just some of the species that inhabit the Indian rivers and lakes. Of these the Mahseer and the Gooch (Catfish) are the two species that are the most sought after and are on the “bucket list” of most international anglers.

The Mighty Mahseer

The Mahseer is a wonderful combination of breathtaking beauty and sheer raw power – it is renowned for the fight that it puts up, which it enhances using the fast-flowing waters of the Himalayan rivers to its advantage – it is an adventure of a lifetime & definitely not for the faint hearted. A number of books have been written about the Mahseer by anglers during the British Raj, including by the legendary angler/hunter/conservationist Jim Corbett.
The renowned author Runyard Kipling described the Mahseer as “the Angler’s Right of Passage” – in his immortal words “beside whom the Tarpon is a Herring and he who catches him can say he is a fisherman”. The Mahseer is highly regarded for its fighting abilities – using the fast flowing waters of the Himalayan rivers even a 15 lb Mahseer can put up a fight that is not for the faint hearted. Both fly fishing and lure fishing are used to target the Mahseer.
The Golden Mahseer is considered one of rarest fish to catch and the British (during their stay in India) & the Indian royalty popularized fishing for the Mahseer, and for some it became a rite of passage akin to killing a tiger! Stout tackle was the order of the day and often that too did not measure up to the power and brute force exerted by the Mighty Mahseer. If you are looking for a fishing adventure then there are few others that measure up to the beautiful & combative Golden Mahseer that inhabits the waters of the Indian Himalayan rivers!
At the border of India and Nepal, in the Indian state of Uttrakhand, lies the sleepy village of Pancheshwar. Mahseer Fishing has put Pancheshwar on the world map for anglers from all over the globe who are keen to test their wits against the hard fighting Mahseer. Pancheshwar, considered the Mecca for Mahseer fishing in North India, is where the Saryu River meets the Mahakali River and this confluence has invariably rewarded the adventurous angler with trophy catches.
The months of April, May, June and October are the prime months for the Golden Mahseer at Pancheshwar on the Saryu River.

Goonch Catfish

The Goonch, also known as the “giant devil catfish”, is one of the largest species of catfish in the world. It is slightly larger than the red-tail catfish. The world record specimen was 6.6 feet long, and weighed 230 lbs. It has long, sharp teeth which it uses to inflict damage on its prey. The Goonch too is one of the rarest fish to catch.
Over the years a number of attacks on humans, in remote villages, have been attributed to this prehistoric looking fish. This bottom feeder is known to devour anything that comes in its path and bait fishing is the preferred techinique. A 75+ lb Goonch definitely comes with lifelong bragging rights! “Catch and Release” is practiced on all our trips.

Why Choose The Himalayan Outback?

Since 2004 The Himalayan Outback has been focusing on fishing trips for the mighty Mahseer & Goonch Catfish and offers the best guided fishing packages.

The two most important elements that will help to ensure a successful Mahseer fishing trip are the right equipment & knowledgeable guides.
It is not just knowing the perfect spots but also the best tackle & technique needed to get your hands on a real trophy fish & the bragging rights that go with it – that’s where The Himalayan Outback’s team of fishing guides can help you achieve your target.
The Himalayan Outback’s team of fishing guides is amongst the best and know the behavior of the hard fighting Mahseer & the prehistoric looking Goonch like the back of their hands. From selecting the appropriate fishing gear; taking you to the perfect spot; and, then the ultimate prize – our fishing guides are there to actually “guide” you!
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