The Golden Mahseer

Golden Mahseer

The fish that is known for its incredible strength is The Golden Mahseer. Popularly known as the “Tiger of the Freshwater”, this fish resides in the fast flowing waters of Himalayan rivers. Golden Mahseer is not just any fish, it’s an angler’s dream and anglers from around the world seek this fish.

Characteristics of The Golden Mahseer

The Golden Mahseer is scientifically called Tor Putitora. The name is derieved from “maha” and “seer” roughly translating to the Large Head. It is a combination of brute strength and incredible beauty.

 The fish is characterised by its large scales and relatively large barbels along with powerful lips. It grows at an average rate of 10 cm annually and is listed as “endangered” on IUCN Red List.

Habitat of The Golden Mahseer

The Mahseer inhabits the rivers of the himalayan ranges of 

Arunachal, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Existing in the fast-flowing waters, the fish has its natural habitat in mountain rivers with rocky and stony substrates. As a result of conservation efforts the Mahseer was introduced into lakes and large reservoirs.

Fishing Practices

Since, we are fishing for an endangered species , it becomes highly significant that we practise selective fishing methods

Catch and Release fishing:

Catch and release fishing is a responsible way to fish when fishing for an endangered fish like the golden mahseer. It basically means that when you catch one, you release it back in the water without harming it. 

To make it even safer for the fish, use hooks that don’t have barbs on them. When you handle the fish, make sure your hands are wet or wear gloves. This helps protect their slimy coating and scales. Also, try not to touch their gills.

Selective Fishing:

When you’re gearing up for mahseer fishing, make sure you’re using the right equipment. Heavy gear can stress out or hurt the fish. It’s better to use lighter to medium-sized fishing rods and lines. This way, you give the fish a fair chance, and you’re less likely to harm them.

Fishing Season and Regulations:

Always follow the local fishing rules and seasons. Some places have special rules to protect golden mahseer during their breeding seasons or in important habitats. This helps ensure the fish population stays healthy. Always ensure that you get a fishing licence from the local authorities and plan your trip with a reputable outfitter.

Fishing trips by The Himalayan Outback

Imagine embarking on a 7 to 10 day adventure down the Saryu River, escorted by an expert team, for an unforgettable Golden Mahseer fishing expedition. 

Our mission? To seek out the magnificent Mahseer as it journeys upriver for spawning before the monsoon; and again during the post-monsoon migration down the Saryu River into the mighty Mahakali River.

The Himalayan Outback has been organizing these incredible float trips since 2004 – so you’re in experienced hands. Our guides are truly the cream of the crop, with a deep understanding of Mahseer behaviour and the prime spots for targeting this “tiger of freshwater.”

And when it’s time to relax and refuel, our world-class service shines at our fishing camp along the Saryu River. Our talented chefs will delight your taste buds every day with a variety of mouthwatering cuisines, all served in the midst of the breathtaking wilderness.

Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime journey, and let’s reel in some memories together!

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