Shepherds Trail Trek In India | Himalayan Outback

Shepherds Trail Trek In India | Himalayan Outback

The Shepherd path, commonly known as the Gaddi trip, connects the lush and picturesque valley of Kullu with Kangra valley and is one of the most attractive treks in Himachal Pradesh that engrosses the thoughts of tourists. The tour takes you from 2,050 metres to 4,800 metres in altitude. The Kalihani pass, at a height of 4,800 metres, is the trail’s highest point. The voyage travels via numerous more high-altitude mountain passes, including the 3,600-meter Khanpari Pass and the 3,500-meter Thamsar Pass. The Gaddi Trek, one of Himachal Pradesh’s alpine hikes, travels through a number of shepherd settlements and grazing cow pastures high in the Himalayas. 

Shepherds Trail Trek In India | Himalayan Outback

Several alpine woods and meadows, wild animals, colourful orchards, and flowing streams add to the trail’s appeal. The journey gets more difficult as it comes into contact with the steep and slippery glaciated trails, which are full of adventure and cultural splendour. Furthermore, the silver spectrum of the Himalayan range, which creates a crest parallel to the clear blue sky, is a visual delight. The trip is made much more worthwhile by the pure waters of the lakes reflecting the surrounding mounds and the stunning vista of the Dhauladhar range.

Here’s a quick rundown of your trip’s schedule.


Day 1: Arrive at New Delhi International Airport in India.


You will be welcomed by a Himalayan Outback expert guide and escorted to a hotel near the airport when you arrive in New Delhi. If you are flying to Delhi, please supply us with your flight information. If you are going to Delhi, please stop at Roseate House first.


Roseate House, Aerocity, New Delhi is where you’ll be staying (check-in time: 12 noon)


On this day, there are no meals by us.


Day 2: Fly to Himachal Pradesh’s Shimla.


Your journey to Delhi airport, where you will join your trip to Shimla, will be arranged by the Roseate House concierge. This flight will take around one hour. When you arrive, a member of The Himalayan Outback’s crew will greet you and take you to our pre-arranged B&B on the outskirts of Shimla.

There are various paths that lead into the neighbouring Cedar Forests, and we will be pleased to arrange short hikes if this is something you are interested in.


Accommodation: A lovely B&B on Shimla’s outskirts.


Breakfast and supper would be there.


Day 3 – Travel to Kafnoo


Our first campground, Kafnoo, will be a 5-hour trip away. We’ll set up camp along the roadside and spend the night in our mobile camping. Our journey will begin at Kafnoo. It’s a lovely apple-growing region with really attractive surroundings. In the evening, we may go to the temple of the local god, which is built of local wood and has exquisite sculptures.


THO Camp in Kafnoo is a great place to stay.


All meals are included in the price.


Day 4 – Mulling to Kafnoo


We’ll be hiking through fields of wildflowers and into coniferous woodlands. We’ll pass via Hamte and Humptey villages. Our trail will crisscross via several creeks while ascending sharply for 30 minutes past beautiful meadows. The 3-4 hour hike to Mulling will be enjoyable. At an elevation of 3200 metres, we will be sleeping on the right bank of the Bhaba River.


THO Camp in Kafnoo is a great place to stay.


All meals would be there.


Day 5 – Mulling to Kara


As we make our way up the Bhaba River, we’ll spend most of our time on the right bank. Near Nehgul, where two major rivers converge at this point, we’ll cross the river on a rock bridge. We rise into a vast valley plain after a 40-minute tough climb. We’ll hike for another 40 minutes to get to Kara, where we’ll set up camp. The hike would take around 4 hours, and we would camp at a height of 3500 metres.


THO Camp is where you’ll be staying.


Included are all meals.


Day 6 – Fustiranga to Kara


It will be a modest ascent along a track that winds its way through Alpine Grasslands and ancient moraines. We’ll be sleeping at a height of 3975 metres after covering the trek in around 4 hours.


THO Camp is where you’ll be staying.


Included are all meals.


Day 7 – Fustiranga – Bhabha Pass (4710 Meters) – Bara Bulder (3963 Meters)


At 6:00 a.m., there will be an early morning departure. Until we reach the Bhabha Pass, the first 3-4 hours are all uphill. From the pass, there are some stunning vistas. At the pass, we will perform a Pooja (prayer) ritual in honour of the numerous Gods and Goddesses who are said to live in the High Himalayas. The descent to our campground at Bara Bulder will take 3-4 hours. We’ll provide a packed breakfast and lunch along the route because it’ll be a long day.


THO Camp is where you’ll be staying.


Included are all meals.


Day 8 – Bara Bulder To Pharka(3710 Meters)


We’re in Spiti, a Trans Himalayan area. The High Himalayas will be dry and desolate, and you will be able to appreciate the interplay of natural forces. From Kafnoo’s beautiful green slopes to Pin Valley’s bleak environment. Our trip will take around 5 hours, and we will camp near Mudh hamlet, which serves as the roadhead.


THO Camp is where you’ll be staying.


All meals would be there.


Day 9 – Pharka to Mudh to Nako


The trek to the road-head will take around an hour. Our vehicles will be ready for us when we arrive. On the way, we’ll stop at the Tabo Monastery, which is one of the region’s oldest and best-kept monasteries. It will take 6-7 hours to go to Nako. We’ll be staying in Luxury Tents with associated washrooms. Nako is a picturesque Himalayan hamlet with breathtaking views of the Himalayas.


Luxury Tents with Attached Baths are available for rent.


All meals are there in the price.


Day 10 – Drive to Rampur Bushahr


We will go on the Hindustan Tibet Road, which is a long journey that will take around 7 hours.


Accommodation: Rampur Bushahr B&B


All meals are included in the price.


Day 11 – To Shimla Airport and flight to Delhi.


You will be taken to Kalka Railway Station for the Shatabdi Express Train (Departure: 1745 hrs) to Delhi after a leisurely breakfast. Your accompanying THO staff member will take you to the hotel from the Delhi Railway Station.


Roseate House, Aerocity, New Delhi is where you’ll be staying.


All meals are provided.


Day 12 – Departure


The concierge of the Roseate House will drive you to the airport (check out time is 12 noon).


There are no accommodations available.


Breakfast is included in the price.



The above was a piece of brief information about the Shepherd Trail Trek, which The Himalayan Outback provides. You too can avail of the same and have some very beautiful experiences. Reach out to us and book your trip with us.

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