Corbett National Park with The Himalayan Outback : Exploring the Wilderness

Corbett National Park

A natural landscape surrounded by beauty all around housing mighty species like Asiatic black bears and Indian gray mongooses. The Jim Corbett national park or Corbett national park offers a wide range of Flora and Fauna that catches the attraction of all kinds of tourists. The national park is named after a famous writer and British Sportsman Jim Corbett. Through this blog, The Himalayan Outback takes you on a virtual journey before taking you on an actual journey to The Corbett National Park.

Unveiling Corbett National Park’s Majestic Location

The National Park is set on the foothills of the Himalayas. A true gem of wilderness, this beautiful location acquires broad Patlidoon Valley. The Ramganaga River flows in a western direction from here. Jim Corbett was the first few areas to become a part of project tiger. The area has a separate mission titled the Corbett tiger reserve. The place is a literal heaven for Wildlife and Nature Enthusiasts.

Biodiversity at its Finest

Delightful sceneries, adventurous safaris, and nature and its finest. The National Park features incredible and rare animals. Few of the species found here are rare and endangered. These animals include the iconic Bengal tiger, majestic Asian elephants, leopards, and a plethora of avian species. Jim Corbett National park consists of various rare species of plants too. The plants, animals , rivers and everything preseverd to perfection makes it the magical place it is.

An Array of Adventur

Because of the possibility of the wide array of adventurous activities that people get to do here, this a destination that people from and out of India seek. Our Jeep Safaris gives you that adrenaline rush that you seek from your travels. The rugged terrains and sightings of these glorious creatures inhabiting the area are enough to fulfill your objectives of visiting Nainital. People enjoy other adventure activities here too.  This Trip with Himalayan Outback is the answer to all your searches like river rafting in Jim Corbett or rock climbing in Corbett national park

Serenity Amidst the Wild

The beautiful scenarios that surround the wild here make you experience this feeling of contentment. It feels like this is the moment you’ve experienced a tiring day for. It is a representation of calm amongst the chaos. The walks you can take around nature here can be life-changing. Our guides take you on nature trails that make you experience the peaks and sceneries that are to die for. The National Park is one of those beautiful and rare places that represent nature at its best and finest.


To Conclude this beautiful virtual tour of this gorgeous place, The Himalayan Outback Requests you to join us for the actual one. This journey will be adventurous as well as calming. Moreover, what do we even seek when we thinking of vacation? A break from the mundane city life along with all the memories we curate. So, what are you still doing here? Contact us now to book your magical trip to this magical place that is not only thrilling but also wonderfully offers nature.