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Fishing trips in India

The Himalayan Outback is one of the best agencies that have existed in India. We are not the ones saying. In our existence of almost 20 years, we have curated and executed numerous trips all across India. Adventure is what we always intend to keep as our feature. We organize treks, sightseeing, and trips concerned with fishing in India. Our travellers call us the experts and so, here we go elaborating upon our fishing trips and why are they special.

Fishing in India

With over 4,500 miles of coastline and countless rivers crisscrossing the nation, the enormous variety of fish species available to the dedicated angler is mind-boggling.
The Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands are bases for a number of outfitters who specialize in deep-sea fishing. GT, Barracuda, Red Snapper, King Seer, Shark, Mullet, Perch, Tuna, Marlin, and Sailfish are just a few of the species that are available for saltwater water sport fishermen in the deep waters off the Indian coast.
India has a large number of freshwater fish species that draw anglers because of its numerous rivers. Among the species that live in Indian rivers and lakes are Mahseer, Goonch (Catfish), Trout, Freshwater Shark, Murrel (Snakehead), and Carp.

The Two fishes that are most sought after are the Goonch Catfish and Mahseer

Might Mahseer Fishing Camps.

We are well-known for our Mahseer Fishing Camps. An entirely escorted journey to Pancheshwar, the center of Mahseer fishing in Uttarakhand, India. Our Head Fishing Guide will be your host. They would be in charge of a great group of fishing guides who are familiar with the habits of the huge Mahseer.
At our fishing camp on the Saryu River, The Himalayan Outback will welcome you with world-class service and the unquestionably greatest Mahseer fishing trips in India. Every day, our chefs will astonish you with the diversity of dishes they prepare and serve in a stunning wilderness environment.
In India, Pancheshwar is without a doubt the best location to catch. the Golden Mahseer.

Goonch Catfish

Come test your mettle against the “river monster” of the Himalayan rivers, the Goonch Catfish. The fish is thought to have killed several people in three villages in North India.
The Himalayan Outback’s team of fishing guides can assist you in achieving your goal. They are knowledgeable about the finest locations to catch these gigantic fish as well as the best tackle and technique required to land a true trophy fish and earn the associated bragging rights.
We’ll make sure you have “an adventure of a lifetime” if you join us in the hunt for the Goonch. We provide the top Goonch Catfish guided tours.

Catch and Release Fishing Method

We love the thrill that fishing provides but we equally care about our environment. The Himalayan Outback heavily promotes and enthusiastically practices catch and release fishing. This fishing method includes catching the fish and releasing it back into the water before it dies. This method ensures that you get your experience even while conserving the enviornment.


The Himalayan Outback, a premier agency in India with two decades of experience, offers unforgettable fishing adventures. India’s diverse aquatic landscape, spanning over 4,500 miles of coastline and countless rivers, provides anglers with a staggering array of fish species. From deep-sea excursions in the Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands to freshwater expeditions for Mahseer, Goonch Catfish, and more, our guided trips cater to all levels of anglers. Our Mahseer Fishing Camps in Pancheshwar, Uttarakhand, stand out, offering world-class service and access to the prized Golden Mahseer. We also tackle the formidable Goonch Catfish. Importantly, we prioritize catch and release fishing, ensuring thrilling experiences while preserving the environment. Join us for an adventure of a lifetime.