Why should you Practice Catch and Release Fishing?

We all are aware of fishing being a sport. Nobody is denying that it is a fun and adventurous one. We love taking risks but being cruel to wildlife isn’t justified as well. Killing disturbs the ecosystem of a place and that is one of the major reasons that practicing catch and release fishing is the perfect method to fish. It’ll not make you the killer of the fish but will also not disrupt the thrill that you seek from fishing. The Himalayan Outback promotes conservation along with fun and adventure. Hence, catch and release fishing is a key feature of our fishing trips.

What is Catch and Release Fishing Method?

Catch and Release is a fishing method that involves catching fish and performing weight measurements and photography and then releasing the fish back in the water. It preserves the ecosystem and lets the fishes live. While keeping the check on overharvesting of the fish livestock. It also maintains the ecosystem and does not violate any rules and regulations. The practice first began in the United Kingdom but now is a well-known one in several parts of the world including India.

Goonch Catfish- The Himalayan Outback

The Himalayan Outback’s Fishing Trips

The Himalayan Outback takes out multiple fishing trips. These Fishing trips are based around two fishes. These fishes have put India as a country on the fishing map. The two most prominent fishing trips revolve around the mighty Mahseer and the Goonch Catfish. These trips are taken to Saryu river/ Pancheshwar and Kumaon, Uttrakhand for Mahseer and Goonch Catfish respectively. These two comprise the best guidance and cooperative groups. All these people come with the same mindset that they want to have fun yet not disturb the ecosystem. Our guides will be of immense help to you when it comes to catching, measuring, photographing, and releasing the fish back into the water.

Catch and release fishing; Goonch fishing; Mahseer fishing; Pancheshwar fishing;
Catch and release fishing- The Himalayan Outback


The Himalayan Outback takes fishing trips to several river beds. The two most important fishing trips we conduct are the Goonch catfish trips and the Golden Mahseer fishing trips. We are as much in love with the wildlife, as we are in love with fun and adventure. Our Guides are incredibly skilled and are familiar with the A-Z anatomy and behavioral traits of these fishes. Which makes the catching and releasing process much simpler. If you also believe that conservation is equally important to fun, Be a part of these trips now.

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