Best Adventure Tour And Travel Company in Chandigarh

Best Adventure Tour And Travel Company in Chandigarh

Mickey Sidhu and Misty Dhillon founded The Himalayan Outback in 2004. The aim is to establish the Best Adventure Tour And Travel Company in Chandigarh  India. From the beginning, the focus of this company has been to provide the best experience and world-class services to our guests. We ensure that our employees receive the proper training. This training enables them to perform their tasks to the best of their ability. Moreover, it will provide them with career growth paths.


Community Works Of Our Adventure Tour And Travel Company 

We educate communities where we operate on the benefits of “Catch & Release” fishing. On the conservation front, we contribute to a variety of projects by assisting local people in reaping the advantages of sustainable outdoor tourism. These efforts are progressively yielding dividends for safeguarding the Golden Himalayan Mahseer. Also, it maintains the surrounding ecology in these isolated river sections.


When we end our excursions, we make sure that we leave no garbage behind. We collect everything and carry away for proper disposal. We do this even in the most distant regions where we operate. The bulk of our employees are from the communities in which we operate. They are well trained. And we aim to offer them possibilities to advance in those disciplines depending on their unique inclinations.


International Recognitions Of Our Travel Expeditions

The Himalayan Outback is Best Adventure Tour And Travel Company,and  had the chance to host a number of television specials. The goal was to promote the extremely rare Golden Himalayan Mahseer fishery. The Himalayan Outback has featured angling shows such as Canada’s “What a Catch Productions” headed by Kathryn Maroun, “Reel Outdoors” hosted by Chris Bailey, and “Hunt for Big Fish” hosted by Larry Dahlburg. We’ve even made television series on this renowned fish.

Best Adventure Tour And Travel Company in Chandigarh

Today, The Himalayan Outback is Best Adventure Tour And Travel Company, regarded as one of the best fly fishing enterprises in the world. We are delighted to claim that we helped put India and the Mahseer on the map for anglers from all around the world. Over 95 percent of our visitors are foreigners. However, the bulk hails from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and South Africa. We are gradually beginning to appeal to the Indian market as well. We have also witnessed an increase in domestic guests.


Repeat Customers To Our Tour and Travel Company

We began curating wildlife and multi-sport tours due to the very short fishing season. We centre the wildlife adventures mostly on tiger safaris in Corbett and Ranthambore National Parks. Also, we arrange the snow leopard treks in Ladakh and Spiti, and rhinoceros in Kaziranga National Park. The major reason we have repeat customers is our reputation for every service we offer. Every detail is attended to, from the minute they land at the airport to their journey back home We guarantee that every traveller returns more than delighted. And this is regardless of whether they have caught a prize Mahseer or seen a tiger!


The Services We Provide

We experienced our first season of Mahseer fishing in Arunachal in 2018. Despite the logistical challenge, we were able to keep our river operations running well. Despite a wild monsoon, our season was a success. The Arunachal operation was established in response to Uttarakhand’s angling prohibition in August 2018.As a result, we transferred all of our excursions to Arunachal on very short notice.


The Uttarakhand government has reinstated fishing throughout the state, however as a result of the restriction, we were compelled to seek alternative sources of income… and now we have another place to offer our tourists – one with many more alternatives, such as discovering tribal culture and animals! Mahseer (both Golden and Chocolate) fishing trips to Arunachal Pradesh are now part of our regular offers – an incredibly beautiful location that is rarely visited by even Indian visitors!



In 2018, a South African fly fishing publication named the Himalayan Outback one of the Top Fly Fishing Destinations in the World. We are maybe India’s oldest outfitter that has consistently concentrated on fishing in India. We continue to hunt for new sites for our customers, with offers in Himachal, Uttarakhand, and Arunachal. There are several documentaries too on our fishing efforts.

Best Adventure Tour And Travel Company in Chandigarh

Wildlife Tours

The Himalayan Outback has handpicked some of the best wildlife tours in India. We have some of the top wildlife guides in India that will join you on your tour with us. As a result, this would make your vacation “an adventure of a lifetime”. We pay close attention even to the smallest things. It guarantees that our visitors have a relaxing and delightful stay at The Himalayan Outback.



The Himalayan mountains’ approximately 1,000-mile length provides the adventurous tourist with an astonishing selection of beautiful scenery. We have chosen some of the most stunning hikes. These hikes provide our guests with a combination of breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to observe some of India’s hidden cultural riches. With our world-renowned services, we guarantee you of an amazing journey in the Himalayan peaks.


Customised Trips

To give you the greatest experiences, we study each itinerary extensively. We do it with a keen eye for detail by attentive hands.


Escorted Tours

From the minute you arrive in India until you leave, we guide you to ensure a “hassle-free” and safe voyage.


One-of-a-Kind Experiences

Our objective is to design one-of-a-kind experiences that combine culture and adventure. This make our visitors return with memories that last a lifetime.


Itineraries Have Been Researched

We prepare our itineraries meticulously with a great eye for detail. And for this, we take into account the preferences of our tourists.


Amazing Guides

Our skilled and competent guides are simply the finest. They are always kind and unobtrusive, and they always make your stay unforgettable.


Outstanding Service

The Himalayan Outback is well-known for its dedication to quality. Our guests receive unrivalled service from us.



Hence, we see that The Himalayan Outback is the best  adventure Tour and Travel Company in Chandigarh. Our guides are totally perfect and expert. They will ensure that you make the most out of your trip and return with some unforgettable experiences. Book your trip with us and steal some of the breathtaking moments from your life.

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