June & 15 September to 10th October

Himachal Pradesh, India

Expedition Grade: Moderate

Highest Point of Trek: Bhabha Pass at 4865 meters

Highest Camp: Fustiranga at 4025 meters

12 Days

10 guests

As you take my first steps on the climb from Kafnoo to Mulling, you will be overcome with the feeling of being in the hills – the air that chills, the icy walls, roar of the waterfalls.
These emotions find true expression as you make your way on the trail under the bright blue-sky walking through meadows and coniferous forests of Cedar, Pine and Oak. The gentle sound of Himalayan streams is a constant companion as you continue your assent towards Mulling (your first night halt on the trail).
Moments of wonder multiply as you go deeper into the Bhabha valley. We stop for a while at a beautiful spot along the river where you can dangle your legs over the branch of a tree overlooking the cascading waters below. We watch amusingly as playful birds dip in and out of the running water, calling out in musical tones for others to join in and not miss the fun.
From camp to camp we venture deeper into the embrace of the magnificent Himalayas. What a sight it is, as evening approaches we watch in awe at the changing colours of the snow on the high mountain peaks surrounding our campsite in the hue of the setting sun. As darkness draws near, the moon rises in peaceful silence and spreads its light in abundance on our campsite.
As you step out of your tent at our Fustirang, campsite just before sunrise, your senses are refreshed by the crisp cold air. The crunch of frost beneath my feet makes me so much more appreciative of the comfortable refuge of our tents.
The climb to Bhaba Pass starts along the spine of a mountain side and meanders along steeply till we hit a glacier moraine and a permanent glacier, which would be a fairyland for any geologist. It’s magical to stand atop a Himalayan Pass and gaze in wonder at the contrasting landscape on either side of the ridge line. A true example of the might of the Himalayas, that their immense heights can alter the climatic of vast regions.
As you enter Pin Valley and walk along the Pin River towards Mudh, you will be completely at peace in these blissful surroundings…oh the yearning for the hills!

Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh

Here is a brief itinerary of your trip

  • Day 1 – Arrival India at New Delhi International Airport.
    Upon your arrival in New Delhi, you will be met by Himalayan Outback veteran guide and chauffeured to a hotel close to the airport. Please provide us with your flight details if you are taking a flight to Delhi. In case you are driving to Delhi please proceed directly to Roseate House.
    Accommodation: Roseate House, Aerocity, New Delhi (check-in time: 12 noon)
    Meals: No meals included on this day.
  • Day 2 – Fly to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.The Roseate House concierge will arrange your transfer to Delhi airport where you will board your flight to Shimla. This flight takes approximately 1 hour. You will be met upon arrival by a staff member of The Himalayan Outback and chauffeured to our selected B&B on the outskirts of Shimla.
    There are numerous trails that go off into the surrounding Cedar Forests and we will be happy to organise shorts walks – please let us know if this is of interest to you.
    Accommodation: A beautiful B&B on the outskirts of Shimla
    Meals: Breakfast and dinner included.
  • Day 3 – Drive to KafnooIt will be a 5-hour drive to reach our first campsite at Kafnoo. At the road head, we will pitch our tents and stay overnight in our mobile campsite. Kafnoo is where our trek starts from. Its beautiful apple country and blessed with very pleasant surroundings. In the evening we can visit the temple of the local deity, made with local wood, the carvings are magnificent.
    Accommodation: THO Camp at Kafnoo
    All Meals Included.
  • Day 4 – Kafnoo To MullingWe will be trekking through fields filled with wild flowers and coniferous forests. We will cross the village of Hamte and Humptey. Our path will crisscross through various streams while climbing steeply for 30 minutes past lovely meadows. It will be a fun 3-4 hour walk to reach Mulling. We will be camping on the right bank of the Bhaba River at an elevation of 3200 meters.
    Accommodation: THO Camp at Kafnoo
    All Meals Included
  • Day 5 – Mulling to KaraMost of the trek would be on the Right Bank of the Bhaba River as we make our way up gradually. We will cross the river on a rock bridge near Nehgul, the point where 2 large rivers meet at this junction. We climb steeply for 40 minutes to crest onto a wide valley floor. We will walk for another 40 minutes to reach our campsite at Kara. The trekking time would be about 4 hours and we would be camping at an elevation of 3500 Meters.
    Accommodation: THO Camp
    All Meals Included
  • Day 6 – Kara to FustirangaIt will be a moderate climb along a trail snaking through Alpine Grasslands and remnants of old moraines. It will take us around 4 hours to cover the distance and we would be camping at an elevation of 3975 meters. Accommodation: THO Cammp
    All Meals Included
  • Day 7 – Fustiranga – Bhabha Pass (4710 Meters) – Bara Bulder (3963 Meters)It will be an early morning departure at 06:00 AM. The first 3-4 hours is all uphill till we reach the Bhabha Pass. Beautiful views from the pass. We will conduct a Pooja(Prayer) ceremony at the pass towards the various God’s and Goddesses that are believed to be residents of the High Himalayas. It will be a long 3-4 hour descend to our campsite at Bara Bulder. It will be a long day and we will serve packed breakfast and lunch along the way.
    Accommodation: THO Camp
    All Meals Included
  • Day 8 – Bara Bulder To Pharka(3710 Meters)We are in the Trans Himalayan region of Spiti. The High Himalayas will be dry and barren, and you will truly understand the play of forces of nature. From the lush green valleys of Kafnoo to the barren landscape of Pin Valley. Our trekking time would be around 5 hours and we will camp very close to Mudh village which is the road head.
    Accommodation: THO Camp
    All Meals Included
  • Day 9 – Pharka to Mudh to NakoIt will be short 1 hour walk to reach the road head. Our vehicles will be waiting for us. Enroute we will stop by at the Tabo Monastery, one of the oldest of the region and splendidly maintained. The drive to Nako will be 6-7 hours. We will stay in Luxury Tents attached with washrooms. Nako is a very scenic Himalayan village offering beautiful views of the high Himalayas.
    Accommodation: Luxury Tents with Attached Baths
    All meals included.
  • Day 10 – Drive to Rampur BushahrWe will be driving on the Hindustan Tibet Road – this is long drive and will take approx. 7 hours.
    Accommodation: B&B at Rampur Bushahr
    All meals included.
  • Day 11 – To Shimla Airport and flight to Delhi.After a leisurely breakfast you will be transferred to Kalka Railway Station for the Shatabdi Express Train (Dep: 1745 hrs) for Delhi. At Delhi Railway Station your accompanying THO staff member will transfer you to the hotel.
    Accommodation: Roseate House, Aerocity, New Delhi
    Meals: All meals.
  • Day 12 – DepartYou will be chauffeured to the airport by concierge of the Roseate House (check out time is 12 noon).
    Accommodation: None
    Meals: Breakfast is included.


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