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Golden Mahseer Fishing – Mahseer Fish is considered a tiger amongst freshwater fish. The fast flowing waters of the Himalayan rivers gives its immense strength to put up a fight way beyond what any other fish of the same weight would be expected to do. This combination makes it an exhilarating experience for anglers each time they hook a Golden Mahseer Fishing Each year the southwest monsoon drains the Himalayan Rivers creating a hostile environment for the Mahseer for close to three months. This time includes landslides and extreme floods, causing Mahseer to be quite an evolved fish to survive this terrain.

Mahseer fishing are armour clad with the largest scales among freshwater fish. A high fin-to-body ratio makes them incredibly fast and agile. High amounts of outer-body slime and a highly developed lateral line makes them painfully selective and aware of what is happening in their environment.They live in fast flowing rivers and boulder-strewn slippery riverbeds. As you might imagine, casting consistently under these conditions is why this is not a sport for the under skilled.

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Mahseer are found in a variety of different waterways. These range from clear spring-fed streams to larger glacial rivers. Some of the recent pioneering for these incredible fish has been done on some of our larger rivers. Here fish of 30 – 50lb have consistently been taken.It is not often that trophy Mahseer readily come up to a fly. Hence presentations must be deep, often in faster water, very much like steelhead fishing.

Majority of the fishing for the larger fish is done with heavy-streamers, dressed both on tubes as well as clouser like minnows. These are mostly delivered by using shooting heads of fast sink-types.Most fly-lines we use generally have short 30’ heads, and apart from loading the rod quickly, these lines offer massive shooting abilities without using much back-cast room, given that a large part of the fishing is with rocky Himalayan banks behind us.

Most presentations are 65’ or more. Mahseer are considered to be extremely intelligent and can be finicky feeders; they have incredible lateral lines informing them of any disturbance in the water, therefore covering a lot of water is especially important. Hence high line-speed and a well-executed double-haul is key to having a fulfilling day’s Mahseer fishing. This can sometimes be challenging, especially if one is not used to casting short belly lines with heavy flies at a distance

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Most good Golden Mahseer fish taken on the swing, often hitting hard as they tear away downstream! The first run is very much like an aggressive saltwater fish, ripping the fly line from your hand at an incredible speed. This  incredible run, in almost all cases, is complimented by a swift river; a boulder-strewn riverbed; and the magical setting of the Himalayan foothills of northern India

Golden Mahseer Fishing

Over the past 15 years THO has been constantly exploring new venues for the best places for fishing in India, specifically for the Golden Mahseer fish. Our exploratory trips have enabled us to pinpoint some of the best places for fishing in India and offer Mahseer fishing trips in the states of Uttrakhand, Arunachal and Himachal.

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The beautiful hill state of Uttrakhand has several rivers that flow across the state, with the mighty Ganges originating here. From lakes to reservoirs; small fast flowing tributaries to large river systems, the state of Uttrakhand has them all and consequently is one of the best places for Mahseer Fishing Trips in India.

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THOs Western Ramganga River Lodge overlooks the Western Ramganga River. This beautiful river flows through the Jim Corbett National Park and offers anglers abundant opportunities for Mahseer fly fishing. The Goonch catfish inhabits these waters and is known to grow to over 250 lbs

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The confluence of the Saryu and Mahakali rivers is considered the Mecca for the Mahseer in India. THO has been operating trips at this location for over a decade and are constantly educating villagers about the long term benefits of conservation of the Mahseer.

Mahseer Fishing

The Mahakali River acts as a natural boundry between India and Nepal. This river is a haven for the Mahseer fishing in India. We have been taking float trips down this river and have been consistently rewarded with trophy Mahseer.

In the North East corner of India lies the state of Arunachal, a unexplored frontier for Mahseer Fishing in India. Arunachal borders Bhutan, China and Myanmar. Inhabited by tribes that have, even today, maintain their culture, Arunachal offers the adventurous angler some amazing landscapes and the opportunity to fish in pristine surroundings.

  • The rivers here are large volume and home to both the golden and chocolate Mahseer. THO has been operating trips in this region for the last couple of years.
  • The terrain is rugged but extremely rewarding for the adventurous angler.
  • You will be fishing with a team of some of the India’s most seasoned guides – our head guide currently holds the world record for Golden Mahseer on the Fly
  • Only single barbless hooks are permitted on our fishing trips for Mahseer in India. In addition, we practice 100% “Catch & Release”.

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The himalyan outback has established a reputation for providing our guests with all the comforts at our remote camps even in the most challenging of environments. Our team of chefs will ensure that you get a variety of cuisines in the wilderness accompanied by our signature top quality service. Come join us for an epic journey of Mahseer fishing in India Or Book your Trip with Us .


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